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You can find some idea below what is to be seen, what is worth tying, what is a must “to be invaded” or to be acquired while you are in the Bakony–mountains.

Have comfortable shoes, dress in compliance with the actual weather in your luggage: the rest is for us to present!

Arboretum of Zirc

With its very special flora and fauna as well as the stone and wooden bridges of the Cuha-creek and the summer-house which is qualified as national monument, the Arboretum of Zirc offers excellent relaxation opportunity for all generations. This nature reservation represents basic value not only for city of Zirc but has a national importance as the Cistercian Order founded it in the 12th Century, and since then they have been constantly taking care of and developing it. There are two visitor entrances: from Veszprém at the lake is the Damjanich street entrance and the other - from Győr on the North side where tourist buses and groups are welcome, too.

Abbey of Zirc

The building complex of the Abbey of Zirc founded in 1182, has been repeatedly undergone restauration and thus the visitors can admire in it original beauty, the baroque style church standing in the city center, and the belonging Courtyard and the Ruins-garden. Since 2013 the Visitors Center offers interactive tools within the exhibition about the history of the Cistercian Order. The building complex accommodate the Bakony Natural History Museum with the mammoth fossils of Csajág as well as the “Reguly Antal” National Monument Library (a division of the National Széchenyi Library) with its 65.000 books where the visitors can admire the unique in Hungary cassette dugout.

Herend porcelain manufactory

The “Porcelanium” Visitors Center can be visited in private as well as in groups. Here local guides explain the history of the almost two century old Herend manufactory and the porcelain manufacturing as well as some deservedly popular products which are well-known not only in Hungary but all around the World.

Archabbey of Pannonhalma

The more than one thousand year old historical Archabbey became part of the World Heritage in 1996. Driving from Zirc to Győr on the national road No 82 one can see from afar, the classicistic style building complex standing on an almost 300 meter high hill. Here, after having seen a short movie presentation on the Benedictine Order and the everyday life of the Archabbey, the visitors can take part in a one-hour guided tour (in Hungarian or in foreign languages) to see the 13th century church and undercroft, the 15th century cloister and the 19th century library. Pannonhalma is part of the Hungarian wine regions famous for the Winery of the Archabbey, too: the visitors can have a wine-tasting as well.

Monastir Saint Maurice in Bakonybél

The Monastir in Bél was founded by the first monks in 1018 thanks to Saint Stephan’s donation. The parochial community of the village called Bakonybél which is only 15 minutes afar from Zirc, is belonging to priory of Pannonhalma Archabbey since 2000. The visitors are guided by the residing here monks in the Monastir where there is a bio-horticulture growing herbs and fruits in organic way. The visitors are invited to taste or even buy the local products, e.g. herbal teas and liquors as well as the very special marzipan chocolates.

Pannon Observatory - Bakonybél

The astronomy experience center which was opened in 2012, offers all visitors a very special experience. The exhibition of astronomy and space research history shows, among others, meteorites and antique telescopes while one can know much about the structure and functioning of the telescopes. Furthermore the 3D presentations enhance the experience of the visit.

Bringaréna - Eplény

“Szent Sólyom”(Saint Falcon), the only four seat cableway of Hungary is just 10 minute driving afar from Zirc. The cableway takes its passengers from the Malom-völgy (Mill-valley) up to the viewpoint on Álmos-hill where a wonderful panorama awaits them. In clear weather even the Lake Balaton can be seen. The Bike-arena which is situated here, means an exceptional relaxation for the lovers of the active tourism since the bikes can be transported by the cableway up to the hill where the bikers can choose any of the bike-roads back to downhill.

Nordica Ski-arena - Eplény

The winter sports fans should not go far either because the longest no-stop cross-country ski trail of Hungary is located in Eplény, too. There are 16 ski- and 4 toboggan runs in Nordica Ski-arena where one can rent appliances and learn the winter sports. Thus the beginners as well as the professionals can feel well.

Cuha-valley railroad

The guests who like the nature would pay attention to the railroad linking Veszprém and Győr. This railroad is winding in the Cuha-valley and remains one of the most wonderful mountain railroads in our country since 1896 when it was constructed. The journey between Zirc and Bakonyszentlászló is unforgettable where the train goes across tunnels scooped out of rock gorges, chalk cliffs and viaducts.

Train schedule:

Csesznek Castle in Bakony-mountains

Heading for Győr on the national road No 82 one can see the ruins of the Castle built more than 700 years ago: it is open all around the year. The gothic style Csesznek Castle was erected in the 13th century and since then it had outstanding roles in the history of Hungary several times, e.g. during the Turkish occupation or at the time of the Rákóczi Liberation War. Its building complex was multiply damaged in the 19th century but the Castle remains one of the tourists’ most frequented destinations in the Bakony-mountains.

Via Ferrata - Csesznek

Csesznek offers challenges even for the lovers of the extreme sports: three iron paths (via ferrata, Klettersteig) are open since summer of 2013 at the bottom of the Castle. These are 70, 120 and 180 meter longue rock climbing walls built in the Kőmosó(Stone-washing)-canyon with ladders, metal cables that help the experienced climbers advancing. The degrees of difficulties of the walls are different however an appropriate equipment (buy, helmet, spring-hooks) is always needed.

Walking in Veszprém Castle

Once in the Bakony-mountains, it is also worth visiting Veszprém sometimes called as Queens’ town. Walking on the cobble stoned road of the Castle the tourists can see not only the ecclesiastical buildings but also visit quite a few museums there. Here you can find the Modern Picture Gallery – László Vass’s Collection, the Gallery Csikász, Károly László’s Collection and the Bricks Collection of the Hungarian Construction on the Holy Trinity Square as well as the Tegularium – all these are in the baroque building of the Dubniczay-house. In front of it one can see the large white building of the Archbishop Palace which is open for visitors all around the year. However the most characteristic building on the Holy Trinity Square is the neo-roman style Saint Michael Cathedral which was founded by Giselle the first queen of Hungary. From the Northern cape of the Castle where Saint Stephan’s and Beatific Giselle’s statutes are erected, an unforgettable view opens on the houses and tiny streets of the old town as well as on the Viaduct that is one of the symbols of Veszprém.

Jóska Sobri” Adventure Park of Bakony

The adventure park in Kislőd is open from Spring to end of Autumn for children and grown up people who are eager for adventures. The Park which is located only 45 minutes of driving from our hotel, offers countless opportunities for the lovers of active recreation: hors-riding, bike-tours, wall-climbing, jumping-boards, archery, water racetracks, fishing, bull rodeo and even the longest wire-way of Central Europe.

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