Located one-and-a-half hour away from Budapest in the heart of Bakony-mountains, the  Forest Hills Golf & Country Club is waiting for not only those who meet the golf  for the first time but also the beginners but the advanced golfers. In our golf classes the basic skills of the golf can be learned not only by adults  but by children, too. Our hotel guests also frequent our one-and-a-half hour golf presentation program. Thanks to our golf-tuition program for beginners a whole family at the same time can start playing this excellent sport and enjoy the recreation of body and soul in the unique environment. 

The tutor of the  Forest Hill Golf & Country Club is Mr Adam Bozó who is ready to see you between March 1 and October 31 each year. With her assistance an absolute beginner can reach the level of the golf course aptitude exam after 10-12 hour learning. 

Being member of the Hungarian Golf Association (HGA) in the Forest Hills Golf & Country Club, one can register and participate in the Beginner Golfers’ programs of the Association.

Offered Services:


Golf-tuition prices:

Golf tuition every week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Reservation: +36 88 573 310 or


1 -2 person


each further person

25 minutes

HUF 8 000


HUF 2 500

50 minutes HUF 12 000   HUF 5 000
10 times pass HUF 102 000   -

Children up to 18 years: 50% discount

The prices contains:

The tuition contains:

Our professional trainer presents the basic technics of the golf. The goal is to teach our guests the most important movements of the golf, and they take a fancy for this sport. All necessary things are provided for the play, you shall come only with comfortable dress and sporty shoes. It is recommended to everybody who would like to be acquainted with the “science” of the golf.

Golf-tuition for groups

Golf-programs for groups:

One-and-a-half hour program: short course ride with golf-car thru our golf course on 25 hectares, presenting and exercising the full swing and the putting.

Minimum participants: 10 persons 

Price : HUF 5000 / person

For groups over 20 persons shall have special discount. 

VAT is included in our prices.

Scheduling:, telefon: (36) 88 573-310

The Beginner Golfers’ programs of the Hungarian Golf Association for adults

Dear Visitor!

In order to popularize this sport and together with the Hungarian golf clubs and the associated golf trainers, the Hungarian Golf Association launches golf courses for beginners who want to get acquainted with the golf.

These courses are designed mainly for adults and children.

Details of the courses:

At the end of the course the participants receive the official “Green card” (Platzreife) of the HGA what means also that they become officially registered golfer of the Association.

This Green card is an authorization to independently (with no supervisor) play golf on all and each Hungarian golf course.

The course fee is only HUF 29.900 instead of HUF 89.900!

Information and registration at reception desk of the Forest Hills Golf & Country Club: +(36) 88 573-310 or