General Hotel Contractual Terms and Conditions

General Hotel Contractual Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. The General Hotel Contractual Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) summarize the contractual content on the basis of which the Forest Hills Hotel & Golf generally concludes an accommodation contract with its Guests.

1.2. Individual terms do not form part of this GTC, but do not exclude the conclusion of separate, special agreements with travel agents, organizers, occasionally with different conditions appropriate to the particular business.

2. Contracting Parties

2.1. The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest. If the Guest orders the services directly to the Service Provider, the Guest will be the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are fulfilled, become contractual parties (hereinafter referred to as the Parties).

2.2. If a third party (hereinafter referred to as Intermediary) issues the order for services to the Service Provider on behalf of the Guest, the terms of cooperation shall be regulated by the agreement between the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to investigate whether the third party legally represents the Guest.

3. Method and conditions of using the service

3.1. In all cases, the Service Provider shall send a written offer for the verbal or written request of the Guest. If no specific order is received within 48 hours of the submission of the offer, the Service Provider's tender binding will be terminated.

3.2. The Contract shall be concluded only with the written confirmation of the reservation made by the Service Provider in writing, and shall be deemed to be a written Contract.

3.3. Oral booking, agreement, modification, or oral confirmation by the Service Provider is not a contract value.

3.4. The contract for using the accommodation service is for a specified period.

3.5. If the Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider shall be entitled to the full value of the service specified in the Contract. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the vacant room before the expiration date.

3.6. The Service Provider's prior consent is required to extend the use of the accommodation service by the Guest. In this case, the Service Provider may charge for the payment of the service already performed.

3.7. The use of the accommodation service is subject to the Customer's identity being verified in accordance with statutory requirements before the room is occupied. No one can stay in the hotel without notice.

3.8. Any amendment and / or amendment to the Contract shall require the written agreement of the Parties.

4. Start and end of stay / check-in;

4.1. The Guest has the right to occupy the rented premises from 2 pm on the agreed day.

4.2. In the event that the Guest does not appear before 18.00 on the agreed date, the Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract, unless a later arrival date is stipulated.

4.3. If the Guest has paid an advance payment, the room (s) will be reserved until the next day at 10.00 (stay).

4.4. The Guest must leave the room until 10.00 am on the day of departure.

4.5. Depending on the occupancy of the hotel, it provides early arrival and late departure for a fee.

5. Extension of accommodation

5.1. The Provider's consent is required for the extension of the stay by the Guest.

6. Prices

6.1. The hotel room rates are displayed on the information board in the hotel lobby. Price lists for other services are located in the hotel department.

6.2. The Service Provider may change its announced prices without prior notice. If the Guest is accommodated and confirmed by the hotel in writing, the hotel will no longer be able to change this hotel price. Current hotel rates are available on the hotel website ( via the booking / quotation system.

6.3. The Guest can always be informed about the price of the services before starting the service at the hotel reception.

6.4. When communicating the prices, the Service Provider specifies the tax rate (VAT, IFA) of the prices valid at the time of the offer. The published prices include the statutory VAT, but do not include the tourist tax that is payable locally. The Service Provider shall transfer the additional charges due to the amendment of the effective Tax Act (VAT, IFA) to the Contracting Party with prior notification.

7. Offers, discounts

7.1. Current offers and discounts are announced on the hotel website. The promotions offered are always for individual room bookings.

7.2. The promotions offered cannot be combined with any other discounts.

7.3. The Service Provider determines the terms and conditions of special contracted products, group bookings or events, as specified in the individual contract.

8. Discounts for children

8.1. For children - in the room with parents - we provide the following meals discounts:

* 0 to 3 years old 100%

* 4 to 12 years 50%

* 13 to 17 years 25%

8.2. Extra beds, baby cots are only available in certain room types.

8.3. Extra beds, baby cots are required in advance with the service Provider at the time of booking.

9. Cancellation Policy

9.1. If you do not specify a different condition in your hotel offer, the cancellation and modification terms and conditions are as follows:

- In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the confirmed arrival date, the penalty is 50% of the overnight stay

- In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the confirmed arrival date, the penalty is 100% of the overnight stay.

If the Contracting Party is a business association or other social organization, the Contracting Party / Customer shall also pay the Service Provider the penalty due in case of cancellation if the Guest is charged directly by the Guest acting on behalf of the Customer.

9.2. If the Contracting Party has secured the use of the accommodation services by advance payment and does not arrive on the day of arrival (no written cancellation is received), the Service Provider shall apply the full amount of the advance payment specified in the Contract as a penalty. In this case, the accommodation will be reserved for the Contracting Party until 12:00 on the day following the day of arrival, after which the Service Provider's service obligation will be terminated.

9.3. If the Contracting Party has not provided the use of the accommodation services with advance payment, credit card guarantee or other means stipulated in the Contract, the Service Provider's service obligation on the day of arrival shall be terminated after 18:00 local time.

10. Method of payment, guarantee

10.1. The value of the ordered services can be paid on site by cash, bank card or bank transfer.

10.2. In the case of a transfer - unless otherwise agreed with the Service Provider - the Customer shall transfer the value of the ordered services to the hotel bank account before arrival.

10.3. Guaranteeing an individual booking is possible by providing credit card details or advance payments.

10.4. Other payment methods on site: Széchenyi Recreation Card.

11. Refusal to perform the contract, termination of service obligation

11.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract for the accommodation service with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide services if:

- the Guest does not use the room or the facility as intended;

- the Guest does not empty his room until 10.00 am Service Provider is entitled to charge the room price for an additional day;

- the Guest behaves in the security, order, with the staff of the accommodation in a manner that is objectionable, rude, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, threatening, offensive or other unacceptable behavior;

- the Guest is suffering from an infectious disease;

- the Contracting Party fails to meet its advance payment obligation specified in the Contract by the specified date;

11.2. If the Contract between the Parties is not fulfilled for reasons of force majeure, the Contract shall be terminated

12. Accommodation Guarantee

12.1. If the Service Provider's hotel is unable to provide the services specified in the Contract due to its own fault (e.g. overcharging, temporary operation problems, etc.), the Service Provider shall provide for the accommodation of the Guest immediately.

12.2. The Service Provider is obliged to provide / offer the services specified in the contract, at the price confirmed therein, for the period specified therein or until the obstacle is eliminated, in another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.

12.3. If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations, or if the Guest has accepted the substitute accommodation offered to him / her, the Contracting Party shall not be entitled to claim any subsequent damages.

13. Rights of the Guest

13.1. By concluding the accommodation service contract, the Guest is entitled to the normal use of the leased premises, as well as to the normal use of the facilities provided by the Guests to use the accommodation as usual and without special conditions, as well as the usual service during the opening hours of the call.

13.2. The Guest may lodge a complaint regarding the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the stay. The Service Provider undertakes to handle a complaint submitted to it (or recorded in it) in writing during this period.

13.3. The Guest's right to complain after his / her departure is terminated.

14. Obligations of the Guest

14.1. Payment of the agreed fee: due by the deadline specified in the confirmation or upon termination of the accommodation service contract.

14.2. In the event that Guests bring food or drinks to the hotel and consume it in public areas, the Service Provider is entitled to charge a fair return for these (so-called "stack money" drinks).

14.3. Before installing electrical appliances imported by Guests that do not belong to the usual travel needs, the Service Provider's consent must be sought.

14.4. The car of the hotel Guests can park free of charge in our uncovered (18-seat) parking lot, but for the quietness of the hotel and the calmness of the golfer's players, please, if possible, walk on the property, use their vehicles only on arrival and departure.

14.5. Within the enclosed estate, you must drive according to the General Traffic Rules (KRESZ in Hungarian) except for the hotel and golf club, where pedestrians always have priority. Vehicle speed is 20 km / h.

14.6. Garbage should be discarded in the complex area or in the waste bins placed in the rooms, the room terraces. It is not possible to remove or move furniture from the room or the building.

14.7. It is forbidden to drive the vehicle to the grassy areas and the golf course / practicing golf course.

14.8. You may only use the equipment and equipment in the complex area at your own risk, subject to compliance with the instructions in the posted use / handling instructions.

14.9. Before using the outdoor pool, pre-conditioning is required. Jumping into the pool is forbidden and dangerous! You can use the pool at your own risk.

14.10. Non-Smokers Protection Act XLII of 1999 According to the law, from January 1, 2012, the hotel Guests and our golfer Guests can smoke only in the designated smoking areas, which include: a rest area in front of the hotel; Restricted buildings, rooms, and smoking areas are clearly marked by the hotel.

14.11. In case of fire, please inform the reception immediately.

14.12. Guests sharing rooms and hotel shared facilities and furnishings are jointly and severally liable for damage caused by improper use.

14.13. For hotel fireworks and other licensed activities, the hotel requires the written consent of the hotel, as well as the official permission of the hotel Guests.

14.14. The Guest ensures that the child under 14 years of age under his responsibility is only present under the supervision of an adult at the Service Provider's hotel.

14.15. The Guest must report the damage to him immediately at the hotel and provide the hotel with all the necessary information necessary to clarify the circumstances of the incident or to record the police report / police procedure.

15. Import of animals

15.1. Animals are not allowed in the hotel! We provide the opportunity for Guests arriving with the dog to be housed in a kennel next to the farm building, but they cannot stay in the hotel or hotel area.

16. Rights of the Service Provider

16.1. If the Guest does not comply with the obligation to pay for the services charged or contracted but not used, the Service Provider shall have a pledge for the Customer's personal belongings that he has taken with him to secure his claims.

16.2. In the complex area, a permanent reception service is authorized to check the entry and exit of the Guest, to identify their identity and, if appropriate, to check the vehicles at exit.

16.3. If necessary, the reception service is entitled to manage the traffic in the complex area.

17. Obligation of the Service Provider

17.1. Accommodation and other services ordered on the basis of the contract are the fulfillment of valid regulations and service standards.

17.2. Investigate the Guest's written complaint and take the necessary steps to fix the problem, record it in writing.

17.3. Inside the hotel and on the terraces, it is forbidden for Guests to relax in the afternoon of 22.00 hours, including TV interfering with the interiors of the rooms, listening to music, and loud music in the lobby, to which the hotel staff is responsible.

18. Illness, death of the Guest

18.1. If the Guest becomes ill during the period of using the accommodation service and is unable to act on his / her own behalf, the Service Provider offers medical assistance.

18.2. In the event of the Guest's illness / death, the Service Provider will claim a cost compensation from the patient's / deceased's relative, heir or the account payer; any medical and procedural costs incurred in respect of services rendered prior to death and any damage to equipment and equipment in connection with illness / death.

19. Security of data management

19.1. To subscribe to the newsletter on our website, you must enter a name and email address. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the User agrees to the processing of your data. The Service Provider manages the data as long as the data subject does not request their deletion.

19.2. The possibility of unsubscribing is provided by a direct link in every newsletter, and is also available on the website.

19.3. The User is responsible for the authenticity of the personal data provided.

19.4. The Service Provider protects the data, in particular against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, and against accidental destruction and damage.

19.5. The Service Provider, together with the server operators, ensures the security of the data.

19.6. The personal data provided by the User shall be accessible only to the data controller's employees. Personal data shall not be transferred to third parties other than those indicated by the controller.

19.7. The Service Provider will not disclose personal information to third parties, only with the prior and explicit consent of the data subject.

19.8. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is obliged to issue personal data to the Requesting Authority on the basis of the statutory authorization, provided that its legal conditions are met. The User shall not raise objections against the provision of data based on law, official or court decision.

20. The Service Provider's liability for damages

20.1. The Service Provider shall assume liability for any damage suffered by the loss, damage or destruction of the occupant's property in the event that the Guest has placed it in a place designated by the Service Provider or usually assigned to it or in his / her room or by the Service Provider. he was handed over to an employee who he was entitled to receive.

20.2. The Service Provider's liability shall not extend to any damage caused by an unavoidable cause outside the Service Provider's employees and Guests, or caused by the Guest itself.

20.3. The Service Provider may designate places in the complex area where the Guest cannot enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage or injury that may have occurred to such a Guest at such locations.

20.4. The Service Provider is responsible for valuables, securities and cash only if it has been specifically taken over for the purpose of preservation, or the damage occurred for a reason that is liable under the general rules. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the Guest.

20.5. In addition, the Service Provider is not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

20.6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages if the use of these facilities is limited or not permitted during the period of maintenance ordered by the hotel wellness department or its sports facilities in order to comply with the emergency or health regulations.

21. Confidentiality

21.1. The Service Provider is obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Public Interest Data when fulfilling its obligations under the Contract.

22. Vis major

22.1. The cause or circumstance (for example, war, fire, flood, weather, power failure, strike) over which the party has no control (vis force) shall be exempted from fulfilling any of its obligations under the Contract until such time or circumstance there.

23. Place of performance and law applicable to the legal relationship between the parties, acting court

23.1. The place of performance is the place where the hotel is located.

23.2. All of the disputes arising from the accommodation contract will be assigned to the Service Provider in substance and locally.

23.3. The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest shall be governed by the provisions of Hungarian law.

24. Details of visitors to our website

24.1. The Service Provider does not record the user's IP address or other personal data when visiting the website operated by it. Searching for a web page is free and unnamed. The Service Provider uses the unnamed Internet visit exclusively for statistical purposes, to optimize its web presence, to increase the security of the system, and the recorded data does not contain any personal data.

24.2. The Service Provider shall treat all data and facts relating to the Users confidentially and use them solely for the purpose of conducting its own research and statistics.

24.3. The Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for the previous pages that have been deleted but have been archived with the help of Internet search engines. Removal of these should be ensured by the search engine operator.

25. Newsletter

25.1. The Service Provider provides online newsletters and electronic direct marketing messages ("Newsletter") to subscribers who subscribe to the newsletters of the website operated by it on several occasions a month.

26. Privacy Statement

26.1. The Service Provider attaches great importance to the protection of personal data in the course of its activities. In any case, the personal data provided to you will be handled in accordance with the applicable legislation, ensure its security, take the technical and organizational measures, and establish the procedural rules necessary to comply with the relevant legislation..

In the course of the Service Provider's activities, the Service Provider uses the data of the Service Provider for the sole purpose of signing, billing and own advertising purposes under the Data Protection Act.

If you enter into a contract for accommodation services, you agree that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree with the terms and conditions contained therein. The GTC may change later.

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