Our conference rooms

Our hotel- & golf complex on an exceptional place in the heart of Bakony-mountains, offers perfect facilities for team-building, conferences, trainings w. modest number of participants an family events.

Our conference room

Our Conference room is for 30 persons, lightened with natural lighting and equipped with the latest technology. This 45 sq meter room is directly situated next to the hotel building. The instalment is spreading an atmosphere with the colors of the Mediterranean. It has a lobby which is perfectly fits for receptions or coffee breaks. Also a terrace is opening there for our guests who can enjoy the panorama view on the golf course and the driving range as well as the crystal clear Bakony air.

The technical instalment meets all modern requirements: projector, flipchart, DVD-player, large screen, CD-player, wireless microphone, equalizer-amplifier device. The room can be darkened, air-conditioned.

Our Section Hall

The terrace part of the hotel restaurant can be separated and used as a section hall (24 sq meters). It is lightened by natural light thanks to the windows opening to the garden, and might be darkened in case of need, too. It is straightly connected to the library room what makes even small group sessions possible. The solid elegance, the modest size, the gentle and helpful service make you feel at home. Come and check all this in person!

Catering Service

The key of all and every events is the catering. We are working hard to offer a various, spick-and-span but fine and nice as well as spectacular catering, the general impression of which shall be unforgettable. Our menu offers real relish of Bakony but in case of need, different dietetic and vegetarian meals can meet our guests’ expectations. During the conferences the coffee breaks are inevitable for refreshing the thoughts. The Forest Hills’ team exclusively helps you to keep concentrated on the event. We would like you to feel host and guest at the same time.