Reception & Hosting

Family festivities, Classmates meetings, Friends meetings. The all-year miraculous place in Bakony-mountain and the programs make for us feasible that some excellent festivities (birthday, name-day, christening, anniversary, engagement, get-together, classmates’ meeting) for family and friends would be remarkable organized by us.

In our running world the families can scarify less-and-less time to get together for an important family festivity where the small and adult family members, together with friends can come together.

Long time no met secondary schoolmates, friends’ companies can again together enjoy the “gulyás” from the same kettle at the candle light and have nostalgia under the pergola, a perfect place for this.

The birthday is an important event not only in childhood: invite your friends and family to an unforgettable birthday party with unique programs: the festivity in the Forest Club remains in everybody’s good memory!

Following their weddings the young couples are happy to come back to have their children christened in our consecrated chapel together with their family and beloved friends.