While taking our guests’ requirements and expectations, we are trying to continuously widen the store-house of the recreation facilities. Thus besides the golf, a good number of sport and leisure time programs are offered on the territory belonging to the hotel as well as in the neighboring country.


The wellness department of the hotel opens the way to the out-door warm water pool. The beautiful clear water of the pool and the green pool and the green plants around the pool are very relaxant for those who want to have a rest. More over it’s a perfect place for bronzing and …splash. This out-door pool is open between April 15 and October 15.


There are both, traditional Finnish and infrared saunas in our Wellness department. In case of the infrared sauna, the infrared waves heat the body inside, delate the vena, refresh the bloodstream, the roughage leaves the body with sweat and thus the infrared sauna have a strong effect of detoxification. There is another advantage: the infrared sauna heats at lower grade, so one can spend more time inside.


Relaxing in the Jacuzzi cleans and refreshes the body. The continuous and repetitive pulsation of the water jets strengthens the skin and relaxes the muscles: the massage, coupled with the expansion of the pores, results in a healthy skin with cleaner surface.

Salt Chamber

Our professional salt chamber has a healing effect in case of respiratory diseases, flu or asthmatic symptoms.

Steam chamber

With its Turkish bath atmosphere and mood, the stream chamber helps to recover from stress, to relax the muscles, contributes to the recreation and the blood supply of the organism. Thanks to its positive effect to our health, the stream chamber eases symptoms of the respiratory organsmakes our skins velvety and hydrated, prevents the cellulitis and boosts the detoxification.