Our restaurant concept is aiming at pursuing the variety and the seasons of the year. It’s important to have our offer renewed to be in constant search for new foodstuffs, technologies and actualities in order to offer interesting and tasty dishes.

We are confident that our guests leave happy and spread the good news of our kitchen.

Making the drawings of the building, they were dreaming about a Restaurant the guests can enjoy, together with the meal, the beauty of Bakony-mountain’s nature. Just imagine a small but comfortable and modestly commotional interior where the original ideas of design and the colours of the Mediterranean offer the guests a nice sentiment.

About our Restaurant

The total capacity of the Restaurant is 40 people incl. 16 people who can have places on the terrace which can be separated. It come from the modest size of the Restaurant that our cuisine can also offer only a shorter menu choice what is to be counterbalanced by the quality as we believe that the less might mean more sometimes.

Depending on their number we can offer our HB guests to choose from the menu card or to help-them-selves at the smorgasbord. Our vegetarian guests or those who live with gluten-sensitivity or lactose-intolerance can have special menu accordingly, by prior arrangement.


Our Restaurant basically offers the hotel guests and golf-players the different meals but there is the opportunity to reserve, too.

For reservation please call our colleagues at +36 88 573 310 or write an email to

Our Restaurant is open every day for

  • Breakfast: 07:30-10:00
  • Dinner: 18:00-20:00